2016 Gibson Doves in Flight Viper Blue Custom Acoustic Guitar

This guitar can be purchased here:  https://reverb.com/item/3500694-2016-gibson-doves-in-flight-viper-blue-custom-acoustic-guitar

Here we have a very special Gibson Doves in Flight acoustic guitar. This particular example features a never-before-seen Viper Blue finish! Good luck finding another one of these.

The Doves in Flight might just be the best guitar Ren Ferguson ever designed for Gibson. It’s just a special guitar. It has just the right balance between ornate beauty and simplicity. It’s highly decorative yet very classy. A top-notch design.

The body utilizes beautifully flamed maple. The guitar also features a Sitka spruce top and a flamed maple neck. All of the woods used here are top quality and beautiful!

This guitar isn’t just for showboating. Its tone is as great as any dreadnought out there! Gibson builds these so their tone matches their gorgeous looks. Plenty of volume, loads of sustain, and lots of clarity. You’ll love to play this one!

This guitar is in absolute mint condition.

Included with this guitar is the original hardshell case, all case candy, and the original certificate of authenticity from Gibson.

Feel free to call me with any questions: 435.406.9281


Gibson Custom Doves in Flight Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar!

Price: $19,999

This is the absolute most unique Gibson Doves in Flight guitar on the planet. Almost everything about this guitar is custom and one-of-a-kind. To begin with, the back and sides of the guitar are made from Brazilian Rosewood. There are only two known Doves in Flight guitars in existence with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. I personally sold the other one about three months ago. It sold within two days of listing. That guitar received more attention than any other I’ve ever sold. This one is even more unique than that one.

A friend of mine personally commissioned these guitars into existence back in 2003, right before Gibson ceased using Brazilian Rosewood for producing guitars. Gibson does not use Brazilian Rosewood at all anymore. My friend provided Gibson with the wood and they built it to his specifications.

This guitar features abalone inlays on the headstock, neck, and bridge. Ever seen a Doves in Flight with abalone inlays? I didn’t think so. This is the only one with abalone. This guitar also features waverly engraved tuners, the same ones used on the Gibson SJ-250 Monarch. Ever seen a Doves in Flight with those tuners equipped? I didn’t think so.

Also unique to this guitar is the neck and nut width. Standard Doves in Flight guitars use a 1.575″ nut width. This specific guitar uses a 1.75″ nut width. This is the same width as the Gibson J-200. It is very comfortable and I strongly prefer it to the standard width.

The top of the guitar is made from the best available grade of Adirondack spruce – another unique aspect of the guitar. The only other Doves in Flight guitar I’ve ever seen with an Adirondack top is the other Brazilian Rosewood Doves in Flight I previously sold.

The adirondack/Brazilian comination gives this guitar a rich and deep tone like few guitars can match. It has beautiful harmonics and overtones with the capability of producing volume like you wouldn’t believe. It is a tonal masterpiece as well as a visual one.

This guitar is the absolute best sounding dreadnought I have ever heard in my life. It is the better sounding of the two Brazilian models. Look at my other listings, I don’t say that about every guitar. I mean what I say. If you are looking for an extremely collectible, great sounding Gibson guitar, look no further.

The fretboard is made from jet-black ebony and is adorned with the abalone dove inlays. The abalone inlays are very classy and add a beautiful touch above and beyond what is offered by the standard Doves in Flight (which is already a beautiful guitar).

The condition of the guitar is virtually mint and unplayed. There are no dings, dents, or scratches anywhere. There are a few light impressions in the top, which may have come from the factory. Aside from that, it is dead mint.

Included with the guitar is all original paperwork and accessories. Please call me with any questions: 435.406.9281.