2016 Gibson Doves in Flight Viper Blue Custom Acoustic Guitar

This guitar can be purchased here:  https://reverb.com/item/3500694-2016-gibson-doves-in-flight-viper-blue-custom-acoustic-guitar

Here we have a very special Gibson Doves in Flight acoustic guitar. This particular example features a never-before-seen Viper Blue finish! Good luck finding another one of these.

The Doves in Flight might just be the best guitar Ren Ferguson ever designed for Gibson. It’s just a special guitar. It has just the right balance between ornate beauty and simplicity. It’s highly decorative yet very classy. A top-notch design.

The body utilizes beautifully flamed maple. The guitar also features a Sitka spruce top and a flamed maple neck. All of the woods used here are top quality and beautiful!

This guitar isn’t just for showboating. Its tone is as great as any dreadnought out there! Gibson builds these so their tone matches their gorgeous looks. Plenty of volume, loads of sustain, and lots of clarity. You’ll love to play this one!

This guitar is in absolute mint condition.

Included with this guitar is the original hardshell case, all case candy, and the original certificate of authenticity from Gibson.

Feel free to call me with any questions: 435.406.9281


(SOLD!) 2004 Gibson J-45 Custom Vine Acoustic Guitar. Near mint!

Here is a rare 2004 Gibson J-45 Custom Vine in antique natural finish!

This guitar is in excellent condition! It has barely been used at all. There is a light lacquer line at the bridge, which isn’t noticeable. It can’t be seen in the photos because it’s so minor. Aside from that, there are no flaws on this guitar. There are no dings, dents, or scratches, just a few superficial marks from light use. The guitar presents as new.

Gibson makes a few guitars which stand above the rest – this is one of those guitars. The abalone and pearl vine inlay is stunning! The inlay is done into a jet-black ebony fretboard. As you know, ebony fretboards are an increasing rarity at Gibson, since they aren’t currently producing any guitars with ebony boards. They are all rosewood. If you wait for a new one of these from Gibson, it will have a rosewood fretboard.
Another prominent feature of this guitar is the rare engraved tuners. These tuners are gorgeous! You don’t see tuners like this on very many Gibson guitars. The guitar was shipped from the factory with these tuners. I recently sold another Gibson J-45 Custom Vine but it didn’t have these tuners on it.
The back and sides of the guitar are AAA-grade Indian rosewood and gorgeous! They give the guitar a deep and full-bodied tone (I did play the guitar momentarily to ensure the action and tone). 
The top of the guitar is made from AAA-grade Sitka spruce.
The guitar also features an abalone rosette and abalone purfling, similar to the Gibson Doves in Flight – another masterpiece.
Included is the original hardshell case and all case candy.
Additional shipping options are available upon request for international buyers.
Feel free to call me with any questions: 435.406.9281.

2012 Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Rare Ebony Finish! (Sold!)

Price: SOLD!

Here we a 2012 Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric guitar in rare ebony finish! These are not often found in an ebony finish. Look around and see if you can find another!

This guitar features a Sitka spruce top, with mahogany back and sides. The fretboard is a beautiful cut of rosewood. 
The guitar has a factory installed LR Baggs pickup. These pickups are among the best in the industry. They have a very natural tone.
In all honesty, this is probably the best sounding Hummingbird I’ve ever owned. I’ve owned many Hummingbirds. The tone of this one is phenomenal. It has a great action and plays with the best of ’em!

This example is in great condition! It has barely any play wear at all. The frets still have the vast majority of their life remaining. There are no dings, dents, or scratches. One thing to mention is that there are small, pinhead size red dots on the label inside the soundhole and on the wood inside the guitar. To be honest, this might be blood. I’m not sure. It could have happened when the previous owner played a little too rough and cut his finger on a string or something. It happens from time to time. I bought the guitar from a music store, and I didn’t notice these spots for a time. There aren’t any on the outside of the guitar. I attempted to photograph them, but they are almost too small to be seen in photos. They aren’t much bigger than a pinhead.
Included is the original hardshell case and all case candy.
Please feel free to call me with any questions: 435.406.9281.

2005 Gibson Custom Firebird Acoustic Guitar! (Sold!)

Price: SOLD!

Here we have a 2005 Gibson Custom Firebird acoustic guitar. You don’t see these very often!

These guitars were built to commemorate a wild fire which in 2001 threatened the Gibson Montana factory, where the Gibson acoustics are built.
This guitar has barely been used. There are no flaws of note. It has very minor play wear, but no dings, dents, or scratches.
To me, there are two things which set this guitar above almost all other dreadnoughts Gibson is building: First, the inlay on the front of the headstock. The abalone and pearl firebird inlay is one of the most beautiful headstock inlays Gibson has ever utilized. It is stunning. Second, the figured maple used on this guitar is absolutely ridiculous. Look at it! The quilted back and sides are as good as any you will find. Try to find a guitar with better maple! The neck maple is also extremely flamed and gorgeous. You just don’t find wood like this very often on guitars.
The guitar features an ebony fretboard. If you look at the Firebird Custom Acoustics currently in stock at Guitar Center or Sweetwater, they all have rosewood fretboards. That’s because Gibson isn’t using ebony to build fretboards anymore. If you’re like me, a rosewood fretboard just isn’t good enough on a custom acoustic. The ebony on this guitar is jet black and tight-grained.
Here are a few of my thoughts regarding the difference between guitars built by the Gibson Custom Shop, as opposed to the non-Custom Shop Gibson guitars:

-The Custom Shop has a much higher standard of quality than Gibson USA does. The finish flaws usually found on Gibson USA models are nearly non-existent on the Custom Shop models. The luthiers at the Custom Shop have more experience.

-The Custom Shop uses better cuts of wood, such as the maple and ebony cuts used for this guitar. Even the current J-200 Custom has a rosewood fretboard, as opposed to the ebony of this Firebird Custom acoustic. The woods used to build Gibson USA guitars are inferior – trust me, I’ve owned them.

-This last item is an observation of mine, but I haven’t technically verified it: It seems to me that the Gibson Custom Shop braces its guitars lighter than Gibson USA does, giving Custom Shop Guitars a better tone. This could be because Gibson knows that the people buying Custom Shop guitars have more knowledge about guitars and are less likely to overload the top. When people overload the top, Gibson ends up paying for warranty repairs, leading them to brace the guitars slightly heavier to prevent that from happening. My Custom Shop guitars have all been lighter than my Gibson USA guitars.

Included with this guitar is the original hardshell case.
Please feel free to call me with any questions: 435.406.9281

2003 Gibson SJ-200 Custom Vine Acoustic Guitar! J-200 (Sold!)

Price: SOLD!

Here we have a 2003 Gibson SJ-200 Custom Vine in excellent condition!

These guitars are a rarity in the Gibson world. Very few of them are produced. Even fewer are produced in this rare ebony finish. This is the only one I’ve ever seen for sale.
This guitar is stunning! The guitar’s obvious standout feature is the inlay work, consisting of abalone vines on the fretboard and headstock. The inlays are particularly striking over the jet black ebony fretboard. As you know, ebony is becoming increasingly rare. Gibson does not use any ebony in producing guitars anymore. The contrast of the inlays against the black ebony is gorgeous! It just doesn’t look the same over rosewood, which is how Gibson builds them now.
The sound from this guitar is phenomenal. It has a great balance between the trebles, and bass. The large body gives it a huge sound, while the maple back and sides clean up the highs to almost a crystalline level. I also tend to believe that the luthiers at Gibson take a little more care and time when building these very expensive and highly ornate models. They do carry a higher price tag, after all.
The condition of this guitar is supreme. There no dings, dents, or scratches anywhere. There is one line of finish checking on the back of the headstock, as can be seen in the photos. It’s very minor. Aside from that, the guitar is nearly perfect. It has minimal play wear and has been well loved and cared for!
The guitar features a Sitka spruce top, with flamed maple back and sides. It’s remarkable how good the visual quality of the maple is, even though it can’t be seen through the outside finish of the guitar. You can see the back side of the maple when looking in the sound hole, and it is a beautifully flamed and figured piece of maple. They use good cuts of wood no matter whether it will be seen or not.
Abalone purfling adorns each edge of this beautiful guitar – top, back, and sides. This much purfling is extremely rare on Gibson guitars. Go look at other Custom Shop models and try to find another with that much purfling. It’s tough!
The tuners are hand engraved Waverly tuners. These tuners are a staple of high-end luxury guitars. They are magnificent!
If you look at which guitars are currently available from Gibson, most of them are quite bland. For some reason, Gibson has decided to do away with most Custom Shop models and stick to the basics in their repertoire. Gibson is now actually refusing to take custom orders. I do not know the reason for this. These custom and ornate models are becoming more and more rare.
If international buyers desire other shipping options, they are available by request.
The guitar includes all original paperwork, and even the original hang tag. Also included is the original hard shell case.
Please call me with any questions: 435.406.9281.

Gibson SJ-200 Pete Townshend Autographed Acoustic Guitar J-200 (Sold!)

Price: SOLD!

Here we have an ultra rare autographed Gibson SJ-200 Pete Townshend signature acoustic guitar!

The label inside of the soundhole of this guitar has been hand-signed by Pete Townshend himself! Only the first 50 of these guitars were hand-signed by Pete! All of the other guitars after the 50th were shipped with no signature. There are hundreds of these guitars which have shipped from the factory now, and possibly thousands. But none others with his signature. This particular guitar is number 28 according to the serial number. 
Items autographed by the members of The Who are worth some serious money now days. Even just a photograph with their signatures on it can bring some thousands of dollars. As each member passes away, his signature becomes more valuable. You can be certain that the value of Pete’s signature will increase greatly with time. This particular piece with his signature is extra special because it is a high-quality guitar, as opposed to a simple photograph. Pete’s signature is also inlaid into the fretboard near the soundhole.
The condition of this guitar is near mint. It has barely been played and has no dings, dents, or scratches anywhere. It is in collector-quality condition!
The guitar features gorgeous AAAAA-grade flamed maple. Look at those back and side pieces! Maple like that is difficult to find.
One of these sold on eBay a few months back for about $7,000. That shows how valuable the autographed models have become.
As for international shipping, UPS and USPS are both options for you. UPS charges very high rates for their shipping. USPS is much more reasonably priced. Please be aware of the features and offerings of both carriers when making a purchase and choose your carrier accordingly.
The original hardshell case is included. Please call me with any questions: (435) 406-9281.

Gibson Custom Doves in Flight Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar!

Price: $19,999

This is the absolute most unique Gibson Doves in Flight guitar on the planet. Almost everything about this guitar is custom and one-of-a-kind. To begin with, the back and sides of the guitar are made from Brazilian Rosewood. There are only two known Doves in Flight guitars in existence with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. I personally sold the other one about three months ago. It sold within two days of listing. That guitar received more attention than any other I’ve ever sold. This one is even more unique than that one.

A friend of mine personally commissioned these guitars into existence back in 2003, right before Gibson ceased using Brazilian Rosewood for producing guitars. Gibson does not use Brazilian Rosewood at all anymore. My friend provided Gibson with the wood and they built it to his specifications.

This guitar features abalone inlays on the headstock, neck, and bridge. Ever seen a Doves in Flight with abalone inlays? I didn’t think so. This is the only one with abalone. This guitar also features waverly engraved tuners, the same ones used on the Gibson SJ-250 Monarch. Ever seen a Doves in Flight with those tuners equipped? I didn’t think so.

Also unique to this guitar is the neck and nut width. Standard Doves in Flight guitars use a 1.575″ nut width. This specific guitar uses a 1.75″ nut width. This is the same width as the Gibson J-200. It is very comfortable and I strongly prefer it to the standard width.

The top of the guitar is made from the best available grade of Adirondack spruce – another unique aspect of the guitar. The only other Doves in Flight guitar I’ve ever seen with an Adirondack top is the other Brazilian Rosewood Doves in Flight I previously sold.

The adirondack/Brazilian comination gives this guitar a rich and deep tone like few guitars can match. It has beautiful harmonics and overtones with the capability of producing volume like you wouldn’t believe. It is a tonal masterpiece as well as a visual one.

This guitar is the absolute best sounding dreadnought I have ever heard in my life. It is the better sounding of the two Brazilian models. Look at my other listings, I don’t say that about every guitar. I mean what I say. If you are looking for an extremely collectible, great sounding Gibson guitar, look no further.

The fretboard is made from jet-black ebony and is adorned with the abalone dove inlays. The abalone inlays are very classy and add a beautiful touch above and beyond what is offered by the standard Doves in Flight (which is already a beautiful guitar).

The condition of the guitar is virtually mint and unplayed. There are no dings, dents, or scratches anywhere. There are a few light impressions in the top, which may have come from the factory. Aside from that, it is dead mint.

Included with the guitar is all original paperwork and accessories. Please call me with any questions: 435.406.9281.