(SOLD!) 2006 Gibson SJ-300 Acoustic Guitar! SJ-200 J-200

Price: SOLD!

Here we have a rare guitar, indeed! This is a Gibson SJ-300. These guitars don’t come around very often. I’ve even heard Gibson lovers talk amongst themselves about whether or not this guitar even exists. This example proves that it does, indeed, exist.

 The Gibson SJ-300 shares the same body dimensions as the Gibson SJ-200. However, the SJ-300 is much more decorative than a standard SJ-200. This guitar features abalone inlays on the headstock, fretboard, and bridge. It also features an abalone rosette. 
Another great feature of this guitar is its ebony fretboard. Many guitarists prefer an ebony fretboard to rosewood, myself included. This particular cut of ebony is jet black and of the highest quality. All of the acoustic guitars currently being built by Gibson have rosewood fretboards. For various reasons, Gibson’s Acoustic plant is not using any ebony. 
This guitar also features beautiful cuts of rosewood for the back and sides. Rosewood is my personal preference for a tonewood. This particular guitar has a very full-bodied sound. Rosewood has a much bigger voice than maple, including substantially more bass. I love the tone of this guitar!
The top is AAA-grade Sitka spruce, and it is an excellent cut of wood also!
The guitar is in excellent condition. It has been played lightly in a studio for its whole life. There is one light impression in the top and a light lacquer line at the bridge. Aside from that, the guitar is flawless. Even the flowers on the pickguard are all intact. That’s not common for a used SJ-200 (or SJ-300). 
Included is the original hardshell case and all case candy.
Please call me with any questions: 435.406.9281

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