(SOLD!) 2007 Gibson SJ-200 Custom Elite Acoustic Guitar! J-200


Here we have a 2007 Gibson SJ-200 Custom Elite in natural finish! The guitar is in excellent condition!

The unique thing about this guitar is that the neck meets the body at the 12th fret instead of the 14th. This is particularly great for people who play a lot in first position because it allows your hand and wrist to be closer to your body, thus providing more comfort while playing. That also means easier bar chords and less accidental bending notes out of pitch. The body of the guitar is the same as a full size J-200 – 17″ lower bout.

Here are my thoughts about the SJ-200 Custom Elite from another listing of mine:

-First of all, the SJ-200 Custom Elite was built by the Gibson Custom Shop; the current J-200 Custom is built by Gibson USA. We all know that the Custom Shop has a much higher standard of quality than Gibson USA does. The finish flaws usually found on Gibson USA models are nearly non-existent on the Custom Shop models. The luthiers at the Custom Shop have more experience.

-The Custom Shop uses better cuts of wood, such as the maple and ebony cuts used for this guitar. The current J-200 Custom has a rosewood fretboard, as opposed to the ebony of this SJ-200 Custom Elite. The woods used to build Gibson USA guitars are inferior – trust me, I’ve owned them.

-This last item is an observation of mine, but I haven’t technically verified it: It seems to me that the Gibson Custom Shop braces its guitars lighter than Gibson USA does, giving Custom Shop Guitars a better tone. This could be because Gibson knows that the people buying Custom Shop guitars have more knowledge about guitars and are less likely to overload the top. When people overload the top, Gibson ends up paying for warranty repairs, leading them to brace the guitars slightly heavier to prevent that from happening. My Custom Shop guitars have all been lighter than my Gibson USA guitars.

Beyond that, this guitar is stunning! Check out that maple! The flame is beautiful!

The guitar features abalone inlays everywhere. Abalone adds a real touch of class to the guitar. The abalone is particularly beautiful over the jet black ebony fretboard. Ebony is becoming an increasing rarity and all new Gibson are being built with rosewood fretboards. The value of these guitars with ebony boards is going up fast!

The guitar is in excellent condition! There are maybe just a few light impressions to be found under serious scrutiny. There is some very mild play wear, but very little. The pick guard has been replaced with an authentic Gibson pick guard. There is a faint line which can be seen around the guard, showing where the old guard had been. As you can tell from the photos, it’s barely noticeable.

Included with the guitar is the original hardshell case, as well as the original pictured paperwork.

Please call me with any questions: 435.406.9281.


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