(SOLD!) 2004 Gibson J-45 Custom Vine Acoustic Guitar. Near mint!

Here is a rare 2004 Gibson J-45 Custom Vine in antique natural finish!

This guitar is in excellent condition! It has barely been used at all. There is a light lacquer line at the bridge, which isn’t noticeable. It can’t be seen in the photos because it’s so minor. Aside from that, there are no flaws on this guitar. There are no dings, dents, or scratches, just a few superficial marks from light use. The guitar presents as new.

Gibson makes a few guitars which stand above the rest – this is one of those guitars. The abalone and pearl vine inlay is stunning! The inlay is done into a jet-black ebony fretboard. As you know, ebony fretboards are an increasing rarity at Gibson, since they aren’t currently producing any guitars with ebony boards. They are all rosewood. If you wait for a new one of these from Gibson, it will have a rosewood fretboard.
Another prominent feature of this guitar is the rare engraved tuners. These tuners are gorgeous! You don’t see tuners like this on very many Gibson guitars. The guitar was shipped from the factory with these tuners. I recently sold another Gibson J-45 Custom Vine but it didn’t have these tuners on it.
The back and sides of the guitar are AAA-grade Indian rosewood and gorgeous! They give the guitar a deep and full-bodied tone (I did play the guitar momentarily to ensure the action and tone). 
The top of the guitar is made from AAA-grade Sitka spruce.
The guitar also features an abalone rosette and abalone purfling, similar to the Gibson Doves in Flight – another masterpiece.
Included is the original hardshell case and all case candy.
Additional shipping options are available upon request for international buyers.
Feel free to call me with any questions: 435.406.9281.

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