Gibson SJ-200 Pete Townshend Autographed Acoustic Guitar J-200 (Sold!)

Price: SOLD!

Here we have an ultra rare autographed Gibson SJ-200 Pete Townshend signature acoustic guitar!

The label inside of the soundhole of this guitar has been hand-signed by Pete Townshend himself! Only the first 50 of these guitars were hand-signed by Pete! All of the other guitars after the 50th were shipped with no signature. There are hundreds of these guitars which have shipped from the factory now, and possibly thousands. But none others with his signature. This particular guitar is number 28 according to the serial number. 
Items autographed by the members of The Who are worth some serious money now days. Even just a photograph with their signatures on it can bring some thousands of dollars. As each member passes away, his signature becomes more valuable. You can be certain that the value of Pete’s signature will increase greatly with time. This particular piece with his signature is extra special because it is a high-quality guitar, as opposed to a simple photograph. Pete’s signature is also inlaid into the fretboard near the soundhole.
The condition of this guitar is near mint. It has barely been played and has no dings, dents, or scratches anywhere. It is in collector-quality condition!
The guitar features gorgeous AAAAA-grade flamed maple. Look at those back and side pieces! Maple like that is difficult to find.
One of these sold on eBay a few months back for about $7,000. That shows how valuable the autographed models have become.
As for international shipping, UPS and USPS are both options for you. UPS charges very high rates for their shipping. USPS is much more reasonably priced. Please be aware of the features and offerings of both carriers when making a purchase and choose your carrier accordingly.
The original hardshell case is included. Please call me with any questions: (435) 406-9281.


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