2003 Gibson SJ-200 Custom Vine Acoustic Guitar! J-200 (Sold!)

Price: SOLD!

Here we have a 2003 Gibson SJ-200 Custom Vine in excellent condition!

These guitars are a rarity in the Gibson world. Very few of them are produced. Even fewer are produced in this rare ebony finish. This is the only one I’ve ever seen for sale.
This guitar is stunning! The guitar’s obvious standout feature is the inlay work, consisting of abalone vines on the fretboard and headstock. The inlays are particularly striking over the jet black ebony fretboard. As you know, ebony is becoming increasingly rare. Gibson does not use any ebony in producing guitars anymore. The contrast of the inlays against the black ebony is gorgeous! It just doesn’t look the same over rosewood, which is how Gibson builds them now.
The sound from this guitar is phenomenal. It has a great balance between the trebles, and bass. The large body gives it a huge sound, while the maple back and sides clean up the highs to almost a crystalline level. I also tend to believe that the luthiers at Gibson take a little more care and time when building these very expensive and highly ornate models. They do carry a higher price tag, after all.
The condition of this guitar is supreme. There no dings, dents, or scratches anywhere. There is one line of finish checking on the back of the headstock, as can be seen in the photos. It’s very minor. Aside from that, the guitar is nearly perfect. It has minimal play wear and has been well loved and cared for!
The guitar features a Sitka spruce top, with flamed maple back and sides. It’s remarkable how good the visual quality of the maple is, even though it can’t be seen through the outside finish of the guitar. You can see the back side of the maple when looking in the sound hole, and it is a beautifully flamed and figured piece of maple. They use good cuts of wood no matter whether it will be seen or not.
Abalone purfling adorns each edge of this beautiful guitar – top, back, and sides. This much purfling is extremely rare on Gibson guitars. Go look at other Custom Shop models and try to find another with that much purfling. It’s tough!
The tuners are hand engraved Waverly tuners. These tuners are a staple of high-end luxury guitars. They are magnificent!
If you look at which guitars are currently available from Gibson, most of them are quite bland. For some reason, Gibson has decided to do away with most Custom Shop models and stick to the basics in their repertoire. Gibson is now actually refusing to take custom orders. I do not know the reason for this. These custom and ornate models are becoming more and more rare.
If international buyers desire other shipping options, they are available by request.
The guitar includes all original paperwork, and even the original hang tag. Also included is the original hard shell case.
Please call me with any questions: 435.406.9281.


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