2006 Gibson SJ-200 Pearl Vine Custom Acoustic Guitar! J-200

Here we have a Gibson SJ-200 Pearl Vine custom acoustic guitar!

Price: SOLD!

This is not a guitar you see every day. I have seen very few of these in my life. If you look at which guitars are currently available from Gibson, most of them are quite bland. For some reason, Gibson has decided to do away with most Custom Shop models and stick to the basics in their repertoire. Gibson is now actually refusing to take custom orders. I do not know the reason for this. These custom and ornate models are becoming more and more rare.

This guitar is in excellent condition, having no flaws! It has minor play wear, but has been well taken care of!

The premier feature of this guitar is the unique pearl vine which adorns the fretboard. The vase at the base of the fretboard is my favorite feature. It’s a classy touch.

The fretboard is made from high-grade ebony which gives a stark contrast to the white of the pearl inlay. This looks beautiful!

The back and sides are highly-flamed Eastern maple! The neck is also highly-flamed maple and is perhaps the best looking wood on the whole guitar. You don’t see many necks like that!

The top of the guitar appears to be adirondack spruce. I’m quite confident in this, though I have no documentation to back that up. Take a look for yourself and see what you think!

Additional shipping options are available upon request for international buyers.

Included is the original hard shell case and all case candy!

Please call me with any questions: 435.406.9281


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