By way of introduction, my name is Landon. I own and operate an online guitar store specializing in Gibson Custom Shop acoustic guitars. I carry only the best!

This blog will be used to showcase and describe some of my inventory in an effort to help buyers know as much as possible about a guitar before they buy. All guitars which are featured here are guitars which I own personally. That means I have played them and meticulously judged them to be of supreme quality. My reputation in the world of used Gibson acoustics is very well-respected. I assure you, if I love the guitar, you will love the guitar 😉

I focus primarily on Gibson guitars because of their popularity. Gibson guitars have been a musical instrument icon for decades now. The Gibson Les Paul is arguably the most recognizable electric guitar on the planet. The Gibson SJ-200, which I deal most, is certainly the most recognizable acoustic guitar in the world. The reason for this is that Gibson has set a standard of quality for itself, and has built a reputation for honoring that standard.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about any of the guitars I post here. You can also request a specific guitar if you are looking to buy something. I have a lot of contacts in the guitar world, and I can probably find what you are looking for.

(435) 406-928125964_10151477810290148_251506897_n


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